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  • What is the shipping price within Norway?
    80 nok on all orders. You can pay with Vipps or any Visa or credit card.
  • Do you ship abroad?
    Yes I do to most countries, but the shipping is quite expensive (around 30-40euros within Europe), please contact me for exact price.
  • Is it safe to send pottery by mail?
    Yes. every piece will be securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping. I also make sure to use Eco-friendly and recycled packaging, and as little plastic as possible.
  • Is your pottery dishwaher safe?
    Most of my pottery can safely be washed in dishwasher, if not it will be stated in the item description. You may handwash as an extra precaution to provide a long life for your new item.
  • Is your pottery food safe?
    Yes, I use only non-toxic materials unless otherwise stated, and then only on decorative items.
  • Is your pottery available in shops?
    For the time being it`s only available online and for purchase in my workshop in Nittedal.
  • Can I pay with Vipps?
  • Do prices include VAT and local taxes?
    Yes, they include VAT when required. Local taxes may apply for international orders.
  • eGift Card - how to use?
    When you have received a gift card code from someone, you can use it as follows: 1. Pick something you like from my web-shop. You can use the gift card for all my products including workshops. 2. Click on the buy button and follow the wizard. When you reach the "Payment" section, choose "Redeem a gift card" as you see under. Add the code you have received and click "Apply".
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